My Little Rainbow

Well, here we go!

Thank you for those of you who have stumbled onto this blog. I hope you find it full of information and emotion.

I want to introduce you to my daughter. I will refer to her as “Rainbow” throughout this blog to protect her privacy.

Her favourite color is “Rainbow” and she is a very loving, caring person. She was diagnosed in 2013 at the age of 3, so at the time of writing this post, we are just coming up on 1 year of being diagnosed.

When we found out that she had Type 1 Diabetes, it rocked our world. We had no idea what to think or do. Our little girl was so sick, and while we were glad to find out what was going on, we were terrified of what that really meant. She would have it for the rest of her life, so we needed to make changes to how we cared for her to make sure she would live a long, full life. Seeing her in the hospital bed with IV’s and monitor wires everywhere was so sad.. She was so small, and because of the diabetes, she had lost a lot of weight as well. We just found out we were pregnant with our third child only months before this diagnosis as well, so that added additional stress to the whole situation. Her older sister “Lee” was so worried. She was in school, so I would drive back and forth from the hospital to school to home to take care of her as well. My wife and I would trade off sleeping over with her at the hospital.

We were overloaded with information. Read this, and this, and this.. Here’s a prescription for a million and one things that she will need… Make sure you count how many carbs she eats, and when she eats them. WOW.. Looking back I wish I had some simple steps to understanding the cannon ball that just landed in our lap.

I hope this blog can help those of you who are just finding out you or your child is diabetic to know that you are not alone, and provide some resources to help you learn more about this disease. I have a lot to learn, so any resources that you would like to share with me are always greatly appreciated and if you are willing, I will share them here on this blog as well.

Rainbow has also told us that when she grows up, she wants to be a Doctor and find the cure for Type 1 Diabetes. My hope is that through this blog, I can collect information that she can use to understand it and research it more as she continues to grow.

Thank you all for continuing to follow us on this journey!

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