Running on Fumes

The last month or so it feels like I haven’t stopped.. I’ve been pushing really hard to continue to build my health & fitness coaching business as well as my Marketing & Consulting business. I’ve put some simple things into my schedule and I’m very pleased with the progress I’ve been able to make which is awesome.

But at the same time life still happens…

Since July, Maggie no longer has had a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor), which means that we are not able to continually see her blood sugar’s and be alerted during the night if she gets into a dangerous range.. So that means I have to get up 2-3 times (sometimes more if she’s sick) to check her blood sugars, and make any corrections if necessary.. It’s really been taking a toll on my body not getting solid, consistent sleep.

The good news is that we’ve found a way to get a new transmitter (although I will be paying for it over the next few months) so I’m really looking forward to getting that up and going again.

I have done a lot of reading & listening to podcasts lately, and one of the things that keeps coming up both for your physical health & productivity is that sleep is so important and I’m hoping that this will make a positive impact in those ways again as well!

We have had a lot of stress this fall with the kids school situation as well, and now that it has been taken care of that is another burden lifted too.

One thing (other then sleep) that I’m really looking forward to is a brand new workout program that launches today called “Core de Force”. It’s an MMA based workout routine that doesn’t require any weights or equipment and I was able to do a preview of it a few weeks back and I absolutely loved it. I’m can’t wait to start this new program in the next few weeks!! Are you interested in learning more? Send me a note and I’d love to connect with you to get you some more information!

November is Type 1 Diabetes awareness month, so I’m hoping to post a little more regularly to give glimpses into our live living with T1D as well as facts, tips and news to help you learn more about what Type 1 Diabetes is and what you can do to help!

Talk to you again soon!

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